Whats next after I pick you



Just follow these simple steps 

Confirm with your agent that all the utilities are onand running and we can have access to the property.  Without the utilities on your inspection may be incomplete.  There is a re inspection fee if we have to go back to finish the report. 

Make sure any repairs in progress have been completed before the inspection.

Go to our “Book an Inspection” page and fill in the requested information.Once received, we will call you in a timely manner to set up the time. 

Down load the inspection contract,  sign,  and return to our office via email or fax.  Licensing law requires that we have a signed contract.

Payment is required at the time of the inspection.  All invoices are due and payable before the inspection report is delivered.    You can pay at the inspection by credit card, check or cash.

We have a real estate supra key to get in, but we like to have permission from the owner or their agent to use it.  We prefer an agent meet us but if that’s not possible or convenient we will use our key.

The home inspection can take from 2 to 4 hours or more depending on the size of the house and its condition.  We prefer that you join us at the inspection and welcome your participation from start to finish.  However, if your time is limited, join with us about an hour into the inspection for all the details of the report and give us an opportunity to introduce you to your new home.  If you are out of town, be assured the report will be sent to you ASAP. The inspector is available by phone for questions.

The report information will be e mailed to you within 2 business day after the inspection.  We will, at your direction only, e mail the report to your agent.